The company EXQUISITE will announces to the user, how your personal data is treated through the use of cookies or other similar technologies, and which may be active by default on all pages of our website.


The Cookies are small files that are stored in the electronic device through which you access the website, specifically through the internet browser, and collect information about your habits of using a website. They have as function help the website save information related to user behavior such as the pages visited, the return of adverts and searches on the internet, and other functions that are useful for you, such as using the shopping cart in online stores . Cookies play an important role ,because without them, using the Web would be a less intuitive experience and allows us to improve our communication and proposal of products / services.

Cookies are used for a variety of purposes, including commercial and statistical , such as how many visits a page receives, to help you sign up for the services available and to protect your data.


Is important to distinguish between the two types of cookies as to their duration, which are temporary (they are active only from the beginning to the end of the session on the website) and are long-lasting (they are active to save all the settings defined by the user and accessible always you resume the session) .:

But, cookies can also be differentiated and categorized from agreements with the various purposes that can be associated with them:

  • REQUIRED – These remain active even if they do not accept the use, having as a function to allow access to basic navigation functions and safe areas of the website.
  • SAFETY – They work to avoid risks to the security of the website, in particular acts of usurpation of identity in general. They may be used, including, to help determine the need to implement new security measures.
  • PERFORMANCE, ANALYSIS – Seek to understand whether are available to user the resources necessary for the proper use of the website and if accessible tools are best suited for this purpose with a view to continuous performance improvement.
  • INFORMATION PROVIDED – They apply to the information that the user wants to provide during the use of the website, for example, when adding products in a shopping cart, cookies store these indications of desired products, so that you can finalize your purchase easy and fluid. You can log out of the website and when you resume the session you will find the same information.
  • PUBLICITY – Collects information about the use made of the website(articles viewed, clicks made, adverts viewed ), allowing to identify the interests of the user so that the advertising is directed to their interests. Can be used to help advertisers to present adverts of interest, with the objective to give the user a personalized experience while visiting our website.
  • STATISTICS – Collects information able to measure the efficiency of the services provided and the commercial activity developed, for example, through the IP address of the visitors controlling the number of visits, results statistical data.


The user is allowed, to accept, reject or delete cookies by choosing the instructions in their browser settings (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, among others) available on any device and operating system. You can find the option to “block cookies” in the Preferences or Settings of your browser and in the Cookies section.

It should be refer that the use of this technology is not obligatory but disabling or changing cookies may prevent some web services from working properly as some of the features of our website may become obsolete.


The cookies used may be ours or may be defined by third parties. These entities may use cookies that collect personal data from our users only if we understand that they provide the necessary security for your data.

The reasons that may lead us to allow on our website technologies of this nature by third parties, may be the following:

  • These entities are contracted to provide certain services for statistical analysis, as is the case with Google Analytics services, which helps us provide you with a more personalized service and a better browsing experience!
  • Our website bridges the server of these entities for the purpose of content reproduction (for example, for reproduction of videos from YouTube channel).
  • Exist sharing content of website with these entities to other platforms such as social networks by associating their respective accounts ( for example, by commenting or sharing news on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest).

These entities will be able to put or read their own cookieson your device, and to collect information about the use of the website.

There is a possibility that the stored data can be transferred to the countries where these entities are located and not necessarily in the European Union. We can not control this flow, so you should check the cookies policies of these entities and, if necessary, abdicate the use of cookies.


One of the most used technologies in our Website are Plugins, programs used to potentiate the use of the services available on the website, namely when it does not have the necessary tools for the desired effect.

We use essentially for performance, security and functionality purposes (for example, Google analytics, Google Recaptcha, Yoast SEO) and you can better understand the use of these technologies by third parties by consulting their policies.